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How long does wallpaper last?

If you are planning a renovation or upgrading your interior design you may be asking; what lasts longer wallpaper or paint?

A well hung and well chosen wallpaper will outlast paint every time. Wallpaper can last up to 50 years! Just look at old heritage houses that still have wallpaper intact for proof.

Below are 7 wallpapering tips to get your wallpaper to last the test of time.

Wallpaper v Paint

Wallpaper’s main flaw when looking at longevity is it is susceptible to fading where it is exposed to sunlight. But even the best paint brands will always eventually flake and discolour over a prolonged period if not touched up. 

Whereas the initial cost of painting may be cheaper than wallpapering, over time you will need to touch up and redo the paint. A good wallpaper may just need a wipe clean now and then making it low maintenance.

Wallpapering tips

1- Use proper preperation

The most overlooked wallpapering tip is ensuring the surface is properly prepared. This will safeguard against any underlying issues that may come up after installation.

To prep for wallpaper; sand back the walls so they are smooth. Ensure they have a sealer coat of paint on them.

Always follow the manufacturers installation instructions.

2 - Choose a neutral colour palette

While using a trending colour will look great now or even in 2 years but will you still love it in 10 years?

By using a neutral colour scheme this also allows you to rotate other colours in the rest of your decor. Use the trending colours in areas that are easily changeable such as soft furnishings and artwork.

Minimalist living room cream with geometric wallpaper

3 - Choose a subtle pattern or none at all

Another great wallpapering tip to make your wallpaper last is to choose a subtle pattern that will still appeal to you in years to come. Again this leaves you open to changing your interior look without being tied down to a definite style dictated by your wallpaper.

A popular wallpaper with interior designers is a wallpaper that doesn’t have a design as such but that looks like a fabric on the walls. This adds depth and with the luxury of a top hotel granting you a blank canvas for the rest of your decor.

Scandi interior wallpaper
Shinok sage green wallpaper in a living room of natural earthy colours

4 - Use Anaglypta Wallpaper

Anaglypta is a paintable wallpaper. It comes in white for you to paint after installation. So a great wallpapering tip is if you love colour and the thought of a neutral palette leaves you feeling blah. Using a paintable wallpaper means you can paint to the colour of your choice and repaint a new colour whenever you like.

anaglypta wallpaper in dining room

5 - Have your wallpaper professionally installed

This wallpapering tip will ensure that everything looks perfect. If it is going to be up for a long time you don’t want imperfections in the installation or joins showing.

But more importantly it also means a professional grade adhesive is being used. This is the essential part to ensure longevity. An inferior glue may not last and that’s when joins begin lifting from the wall.

6 - Put it in the right area

If a wall is prone to damp the wallpaper will be affected over time and eventually start lifting. The same for a wet room.

Hanging your wallpaper on a wall which doesn’t get direct sunlight is vital to ensure your wallpaper colours don’t fade over time and become uneven with the rest of the wallpaper.

If the wall has an air conditioner that is on daily all year round; the drips that occasionally happen combined with the cold temperature will cause damage or lifting around the unit.

If the wall ends on a corner that you brush past constantly perhaps that edge will eventually start fraying or lifting. Choose a wall with not much foot traffic or apply a beaded edge to the corner.

metallic bedroom wallpaper

7 -Always use a good quality wallpaper

All wallpaper is not created equally. For example a peel and stick is not designed to be up for a long time. A thin paper will be easy to accidentally tear or dint.

And just because you paid a lot for some wallpaper, that unfortunately does not necessarily make it a superior product. There are some awesome cost effective brands out there. Check with your supplier or professional installer to find out what brands are best quality.

All the brands we stock at I Wallpaper Interiors are great quality that as experienced wallpaper installers we recommend.

Vinyl wallpaper is a good idea when thinking of how long it can last. This is beacuse it is more durable and is washable and some are even scrubbable.

beige on beige tropical leaf wallpaper

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