Curved Interior Design - How to feature the current interior trend for curves in your home using wallpaper.

Curved interior design is a huge contemporary element many interior designers and architects are embracing in modern home design at the moment.

“Curves instantly create softness. They make us feel cocooned, safe and warm, and are seen as graceful and feminine” says Mishell Wise, co-director at Conway + Wise Interior Design Studio.

Curves as opposed to sharp features are pleasing to the eye and create beautiful emotions of well being.  Being a huge design trend now i thought I would showcase how to bring the curve in with wallpaper to compliment the curve of your architecture or interior features.


curved interior design

Wallpaper with Curves

Using soft, curvy lines in modern architecturally designed homes will soften sharp edges and sleek lines. So if your space is full of sharp edges using a wavy line through your wallpaper will help soften the effect.

Using soft horizontal lines around all walls in a room also give a curved illusion disguising the boring straight walls!

curved walls

Following Feng Shui guidelines soft curves invite positive energy and allow a free flow through living spaces.

Amanda Monaghan, creative director at Interior Concepts says “If used correctly, curves can give the illusion of added depth, creating movement in form,”

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