dark grasscloth wallpaper in bedroom

Grasscloth can be a love or hate wallpaper style. To help you decide if it is for you here we look at grasscloths compared with vinyl alternatives that look like grasscloth. This shows the benefits and properties of both options.

So before you embrace the look or toss the idea out lets look at grasscloth or vinyl wallpapers that look like Grasscloth.

What is Grasscloth?

Grasscloth is an umbrella term for wallcoverings made of woven, natural fibres like jute, sisal & raffia. They contain lots of texture, uneven threads and even knots. This frayed weave equals instant warmth, luxury and layers of dimension in your space.

Why use Grasscloth?

Grasscloth when hung shows subtle color variation from panel to panel, horizontal filaments will never line up side to side from one roll to another and usually the dye takes unevenly, creating a beautiful variegated result. This all results in giving a one-of-a-kind, delightfully inconsistant offset finish you just want to run your hands over.

close up photo of a grey grasscloth wallpaper

When not to use Grasscloth

Due to the fabric nature of Grasscloth it can’t be cleaned like other “washable” or “scrubbable” wallpapers. Plus it absorbs odours easily so having it in an room where you smoke, near a kitchen or if you have pets may result in it retaining the smells with you unable to clean it. It can be brushed lightly or even very carefully vacuumed.

Cats are a definite no-no, they love scratching their claws along it! And being on the expensive side in the world of wallpaper, you want to ensure you can prolong the life of it.

Shang Extra fine grasscloth in orange
Thibaut Shang Extra Fine Sisal - Tangerine

So why a vinyl?

Vinyl wallpapers are versatile, they can be wiped clean and most are washable.  Designers Guild and Casamance have designed vinyl wallpaper to look and feel exactly like grasscloth.

When they are installed they don’t have the panelled effect you get with grasscloth and have the usual expected seamless finish of other wallpapers. You don’t see the joins and the colour is consistent.

However they have the appearance of a grasscloth and feel textured so your room still retains that luxe style.

Grasscloth effect wallpaper blue
Designers Guild Brera Grasscloth - Indigo
Calabasas white grasscloth
Unpatterned vinyl wallpaper
Casamance Filin - 35 68

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