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Grey Wallpaper for all interior styles

Grey is an enduring classic colour scheme that will always work with any interior look as, like its dark counterpart black, will compliment all other colours. Being neutral and with so many well contrasting shades you can bring it to the forefront and layer tones of greys for days. Or simply have it secondary to your main colour as a perfect backdrop.

So far from feeling grey is blah it is actually the perfect colour to highlight your other materials. It works perfectly against all wood tones, pops against white ceiling paint and modernises most rooms. 

Another fantastic benefit is by using grey as the staple colour in your room you can easily redecorate around it. 

bedroom wallpaper- coastal

Faux Wallpaper

An ever popular grey wallpaper is a faux effect. Typically a concrete look. Deisgned to look like the real thing this works beautifully in an industrial style surrounding. Adding texture and interest. And could also be a brick look, stone effect or grey washed timber.

Grey Floral Wallpaper

grey citrus kitchen wallpaper

Grey can also be used in a softer way using florals or leaves. Leaving the way for another stronger colour to highlight alongside it.

Grey on grey flower wallpaper is a more subtle floral wallpaper design. The tone on tone giving a modern feeling. And leaving the option for a pop of colour somewhere else.

Also to bear in mind greys have different base notes. There are blue based greys which are cooler. And warm based brown greys. Ensure you use the right undertone to match your main colour.

Other Grey Styles

Whatever the style of your home there is a grey wallpaper for you. Hamptons , traditional, Eastern, grey can be interpreted so many ways it is so versatile.

You can go for the newest interior trend for 2021 plaid, or a myriad of geometric designs.


Not sure where to begin layering your shades of grey? House and Garden have some helpful advice.

And I Wallpaper Interiors are always on hand to help. 

If you are in the Brisbane / Redland area we have a mobile showroom that can come to you. Giving the luxury of viewing  grey wallpaper in your own home or business address.


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