If you have decided the safest thing to do in these crazy days is to self isolate you may be wondering about now: what am i going to do to fill my days?!

Following are 5 things you can do around your house to improve your home, decor and lifestyle without leaving it.

  1. – Spring clean. I recently took the time to empty all my seeds, nuts and things like almond meal out of plastic bags and into jars. Having 3 young kids in the house meant this was an achievement to find the time!  I smile each time i open that cupboard. It pleases me to feel that organised (i’m not usually) Its that fantastic sense of achievement once its done.
  2. So you know that drawer that needs encouragement to shut (stuff it in – it WILL close!) Now is a perfect time to get stuck in. Have a major clear out. You may even make some money from what you dont want if you have clothing or toys that are in good sellable condition.
  3. – Take a good look at your home. You have time. Look at it from angles that are different from where you normally crash on the sofa. What’s looking tired and could do with a freshen up. Where could that plant maybe get a bit more light? What would happen to the flow of the room if you moved the bed? If you moved a mirror to reflect more light…
  4. A professional interior designer would look at the proportion and balance of whats in a room, look for opportunities to create symmetry and a nice flow for foot traffic. Aim for a balance of interest and restfulness. In the current world crisis a place of refuge would be great for everyone. Is there a nook that can be transformed into a cosy reading space?
  5. – Got some leftover paint in the garage? Now is a great time to give walls a paint that haven’t had one for a while. Or touch up all the skirting boards. Stick down an old sheet, crank up the music and get rolling. If you order over $200 with Dulux they will deliver it to your door *at time of writing delivery services are not affected
  6. – Online shopping is virus free! There are some beautiful homewares sites to browse, see if any of your local businesses are online (many small businesses will have a Facebook shop) so you can support them through what will be a downturn for them and of course not to forget our wallpaper can be ordered online. The lead time of arrival is 3-4 weeks at the moment so with some optimism it will be safe for us to come and install it by the time it arrives! Whether you are looking for a kids room, a powder room, a feature wall in a bright tropical design or a grasscloth wallpaper for your master bedroom we have something for all tastes but most importantly they are all fantastic quality wallpapers.

These are overwhelming times. Take heart in your safe space and make it the best it can be.

Stay Well

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