Feature Wall Ideas

Looking for some feature wall ideas and inspiration? You have arrived at the right place. We have installed wallpaper and painted feature walls for the last 30 years! For some modern interior trends in feature wall looks read on. And if you see something you like visit our shop or get a quote for installing any wallpaper

We have compiled 3 main sections; textured wallpaper, floral wallpaper and natural wallpaper. Textured wallpaper encompasses a broad variety of styles. Floral is a definite taste but dont just scroll past as there are no 70’s grandma styles here!! And finally natural wallpaper such as Seagrass which is generally but not always plain unpatterned wallpaper.

So to start with; a timeless, usually pattern free look; how about a stunning Seagrass or Grasscloth wallpaper for a natural looking wallpaper that will never date?

Textured wallpaper is a modern wallpaper trend with interior designers. It adds another layer of luxe to your room. Texture can come in many forms. It can literally have layers of different fabrics or it might have a design that gives the illusion of depth. Whatever your way there are many wallpapers to buy that have a textured appeal.

Floral wallpaper needn’t be old fashioned. Another feature wall idea is using modern floral wallpaper. Enjoy an array of wallpaper designs including tropical, vintage and subtle flower wallpapers. What ever your flower wallpaper style there is sure to be one that suits.