Blue Japanese wallpaper branches
Temple Tree - Slate Blue


Japandi is an exciting trend for interior design. Combining two minimalist interior styles that have much of the same common ground perfectly unites Japanese and Scandi home design.

This super interesting style is a fusion of the popular Scandinavian design and Japanese style coming together and so is called Japandi.

The Eastern influence in this design is about creating harmony and balance. Making a modest, open and airy style in your space will always speak of a Scandi vibe. And one style completely compliments the other.

As said in Edecor Trends:

“This style combines Japanese and Scandinavian, both being very minimalist and functional. The Japanese style, which is more elegant, is combined with the simplicity of the Nordic and creates something unique and sober.”

Japandi or coastal style white wave wallpaper
The Wave - Grey

Japanese Wallpaper Style

You can use wallpaper to create a serene Japanese simplistic style in your interior decor. 

I love this style as it straight away evokes a calming influence to a space.

The patterns may still be bold and playful and that remind us of Japan like; good luck Koi fish swimming or Cranes dancing.  Or full of textures reminiscent of Japanese culture like Washi paper that goes back to bygone eras.

This style encompasses many different looks to be interpreted in your own personal way. So whether your taste runs to a watercolour inspired wallpaper or a more traditional Mori (forest) pattern, you can really make this Japanese look your own.

Wallpaper of cranes flying to branches in a beige colour. Creates a Japanese calm interior style
Cranes - Grey

Scandi Wallpaper Style

Scandi interior design is a simplistic, modern and open style living. It lends itself to lots of clean lines and bright white space. However also incorporates many levels of texture such as timber, textiles like rugs, elements inspired from nature and of course you can bring texture in through the use of wallpaper.

Living room with natural wallpaper with a subtle arch design reminiscent of Art Deco style
Sjohagen - Naturel

Japandi style wallpaper

In essence Japandi is a lifestyle rather than merely an interior design trend. It is getting back to nature and creating peace and a flow through the home.

With the use of a muted neutral colour palette you elevate the feeling of tranquility. So moving away from bold colour and pattern you can use earthy toned wallpaper. Texture is an important element for this style so grasscloths, sisal, bamboo and paperweave will be perfect to create a hand made natural backdrop.

Seabrook Japandi wallpaper styled room for a minimalist, beachy style
Kariert Japandi by Seabrook

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