Is Navy Wallpaper Trending?

Lets put it this way, navy is a timeless colour that ebbs and flows within interior design trends but is never totally out of fashion. If you love navy wallpaper as much as i do it will always look amazing.

And while having an eye on current interior trends is always beneficial for inspiration, it is important with wallpaper choices to go with what you love.

The key is really how to use navy well. Following is some great tips and wallpaper inspiration for the navy blue wallpaper trend.

Shades of Blue

Navy can be the deepest of dark blues or bordering on vibrant blue. If you want the trendiest shades this season look for intense indigo and deep teal hues.

Navy on its own creates a statement colour. Perfect for a feature wall or all walls above a picture rail or VJ panels for example. Putting a solid unpatterned navy wallpaper on all walls of the room needs to approached well. If the room is large with plenty of light and with lighter colour furniture it can work. But in a small room it can shut the space down.

However pairing the navy with a pattern in a contrasting colour completely changes the way it looks. For example navy is really brought to life when mixed with a gold pattern.

For a classic Hamptons style home or a coastal style ; navy paired with white is a striking effect. It is also neither too masculine nor too feminine.

Navy background

Using navy as the background colour brings the pattern to the forefront. It allows the pattern to be the hero but with the sophistication of a navy backdrop.

This works particularly well for wallpapers of flowers.

Unpatterned navy wallpaper

A classic style that we install week in and week out is an unpatterned navy wallpaper. This might be a grasscloth or a wallpaper that looks like grasscloth or a textured finish. This gives a highly refined air to your interior walls. And it looks fantastic with white trims.

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