There are many blog articles written on the best places to buy wallpaper and what wallpaper is best to buy. Broken down they are really just lists on wallpaper stockists that the author decided look good or on trend.

In this guide on the best places to buy wallpaper we offer the additional and insightful aspect of knowing the quality of each wallpaper, how well they hang which affects the finished look as well as methods of installation. So bear with me. I aim to impart lots of helpful insider knowledge whilst offering some suggested wallpaper brands along the way to help you choose the right wallpaper for you.

So lets begin by addressing what does “Best quality wallpaper” actually mean.

Best quality in the eyes of I Wallpaper Interiors needs to be thick enough to be workable once its pasted and on the wall. This is so the wallpaper can slide to match the pattern & line up to the next panel so no seam shows. If its thin it is very easy to tear or stretch and is of poor quality.

Best quality might also depend on where the wallpaper is going to be hung. For example a vinyl wallpaper that is washable and hardwearing is best for a high traffic area or a commercial project. The best quality wallpaper for a bathroom will also be a vinyl to give some protection against water splashes. Most wallpaper ranges will feature some vinyl wallpaper such as Casamance Orphee collection or Desginers Guild Chinon collection.

This follows on nicely to discuss the types of wallpaper and how they affect your buying decision.

Knowing that not all wallpaper types are created equal is important and surprisingly paying more does not always equal a better wallpaper.

So firstly what is the difference between pre pasted and peel and stick wallpaper? Pre pasted has a glue already applied to the back and is activated with water. Peel and stick is essentially a sticker. A sticker is not movable and you will, in most cases get 1 shot at aligning that sticker as they are hard to remove and realign if you get it wrong. A good brand is Grafico Walls.  A pre pasted wallpaper still has that movement for ease of installation. A great pre pasted brand is Kingdom Home which is an Australian company with some stunning Australiana designs


Kingdom Home jungle wallpaper
Kingdom Home

Paste to the Wall as opposed to Paste the Paper makes for an easier application. Most contemporary wallpapers are paste the wall and strippable. This makes them very easy to remove when the time comes.

Non woven is a word you will often see in relation to wallpaper. It is a good thing to look out for. Non-woven refers to the backing of the wallpaper. It was the transformation of wallpaper manufacture from the old school stuff that your grandma hated removing to the modern wallpaper we love now.

Non-woven wallpaper is renowned for its sturdiness. This makes it durable and not to forget washable. Non woven also makes it easier to install as it doesn’t have the stretch of a thin poor quality wallpaper. As well as the fact no chemicals are required for the creation of traditional non-woven wallpaper. Thus making it more enviromentally friendly.

So with the massive resurgence in popularity of wallpaper, 2021 is set to be very exciting in terms of new wallpaper styles coming out. For example both Borastapeter and Anna French have recently released some Japanese themed wallpaper collections. These are vastly different but both on trend.

What else is in trend for wallpaper this year? A big question we get asked is “Should I wallpaper the whole room or just one wall? “ This depends on the size of the room, the purpose of the room, style of your home and the wallpaper design. It is definitely a modern choice to wallpaper an entire room especially a powder room or media room. We have also seen a huge rise in unpatterned wallpaper for wallpapering a whole room. A great choice for unpatterned is Casamance for fantastic quality, ease of application, hardwearing, washable and modern styles and luxe finish.

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