Ever wondered what wallpaper other people choose? Find below our ever popular wallpapers that we sell and install the most of.

Find out what the interior designers love to use. And what are their go to staple wallpaper patterns.

We won’t be just looking at trending wallpaper but the designs that have been around for a long while and i predict they will be for some time yet. This means if you want to have your wallpaper up long term you can safely use these popular wallpapers knowing they won’t be out of fashion any time soon.

So whether you are looking for Japanese inspired wallpaper, texture or a palm print scroll down for the low down on what is always stylish for your home or business.

La Palma - Catherine Martin

This is our all time best selling wall paper and has been for many years. This is despite the bold pattern. I bet you thought this page would be all plain patterns! But no this bold junglistic banana palm design is firmly top of the list.

With a few different colourways we have installed them all many times over. And i am hard pressed to say which colourway is a favourite. And with 3 brand new colourways introduced in 2023 it is safe to say the manufacturers know this design is super popular too.

This wonderful pattern is designed by Catherine Martin for Mokum. It also has a corresponding fabric. This wallcovering is also a vinyl which makes it hardwearing and washable.

Johara - Casamance

Feature wall textured grey wallpaper

With 42 colourways to choose from this is a staple wallpaper pattern. It has become one of our most popular wallpapers with home owners and interior designers alike.

This one is better seen in real life as it has a gorgeous texture as it is an embossed vinyl. It has an almost vertical strie running through it which gives height to a room. And makes it patterned without being obviously so.

Johara has the appearance of faded fabric and is very glamourous in any room.

It is made by the brand Casamance which is a fabulous quality wallpaper brand.

Shinok - Casamance

Casamance Shinok wallpaper in navy. Vinyl wallpaper that looks like fabric

With 86 colours in this range it truly has a shade for everyone. With 2 products in our top 3 list of most popular wallpapers, Casamance is up there for a reason. Being a quality product that installs beautifully and the price tag is not too hefty compared to some similar products on the market.

Shinok is a vinyl wallcovering with the appearance of linen fabric. This makes it a perfect backdrop for any room. Beloved by so many interior designers who want the wallpaper to add a layer of texture and interest to the room without polarising this is the best go to. It radiates luxury in a subtle way. This wallcovering allows you to interchange furniture and artwork easily. And is perfect for those who don’t want a overt patterned wallpaper.

Below are a few popular colourways. Please contact us to view all the colours in your home.

Or online at Casamance

Brick and Concrete Wallpaper

popular brick wallpaper in kitchen

Wallpaper that looks like a brick wall or raw concrete ebbs and flows in popularity. I always think that look is gone and yet it always comes back. This is because it is a timeless style and it suits so many interior design styles. They also look pretty realistic so using it in the right place really adds an architectural element that maybe the home was lacking.

So whether you are creating an industrial look, a rustic look or simply just love the idea of an exposed brick wall this wallpaper pattern will always remain one of the popular best sellers.


Crossroads Grasscloth striped wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper is a hand made wall covering. It is an umbrella term used for all natural fibres like; bamboo, sisal, raffia or grassweave. 

The finished look is more rustic than a traditionally hung wallpaper. There will be tags, frays and differences in colour. The joins will show.  Each panel may be different and hung offset. These “imperfections” are what make the entire look and are to be embraced. 

The reason grasscloth wall paper made it on to this list is because of the handmade textural appeal it gives a unique, organic look to a space in a very contemporary way.

Grasscloths will always be popular wallpapers because they add luxury and warmth to any room.

And more recently the look has the option of an additional layer of interest, as many have a pattern ingrained in them such as a stripe.

In conclusion for popular wallpaper

So whilst there are always trends that come and pass by and will look equally fabulous, the above wallpaper patterns stand the test of time. They have been popular for many years and i am sure you will see them for many more to come.

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