grasscloth bedroom wallpaper

What is Grasscloth wallpaper?

A grasscloth wallpaper is a natural fibre which is hand woven and has a wallpaper backing. 

The finished look is more rustic than a traditionally hung wallpaper. There will be tags, frays and differences in colour. The joins will show.  Each panel may be different or offset. These “imperfections” are what make the look and are to be embraced. If you are looking for a seamless finish this wallpaper type may not be for you. 

What is the difference between grasscloth and grassweave?

Grasscloth is a finer weave as opposed to the chunkier weave of grassweave. Although Grasscloth has become the umbrella name for similar natural fibre products such as grassweave, sisal, bamboo, jute, seagrass and raffia.

Advantages of Grasscloth wallcoverings

This wonderful material gives any space a luxurious warm style and organic feeling in a very modern way. 

Many of these organic hand made wall coverings are unpatterned and adorning the walls as a textural luxe backdrop.

However there are some grasscloth and grassweave wallpapers that come in a pattern.

Disadvantages of Grasscloth wallpaper

These natural wall coverings are hand made and with  that comes a bigger price tag.

If you own a cat purhaps a grasscloth is not the best option. This is because cats love to sharpen their claws on it! It is similart in texture to your feline friends scratching post. So you may end up with some costly wallpaper repairs! Instead consider a faux look grasscloth.

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