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Wallpapering All Walls

Move over Wallpaper Feature Wall and make room for the biggest interior trend …. Wallpapering All Walls !

We at I Wallpaper Interiors have noticed the more wallpaper gains in popularity the braver people are becoming. We are seeing more and more wallpaper being applied to all the walls of a room.

Its what the 5 star hotels are doing and have done since forever so if your’re after a luxe interior its definitely the way to go for sophisticated home design inspiration.

Hotel wallpaper

Feature Wall or All Walls - How to decide

A whole room often looks at its best with a more refined pattern. Not everyone (but some) will love walking into a room full of bold chevron wallpaper! Choosing a beautiful texture such as a grasscloth gives a lavish base onto which you can decorate the rest of the room. Layering textures and creating a backdrop for the furnishings. In this way the wallpaper is another layer in the room not the main act but it doesn’t have to be a bold pattern to transform a space.

Another room often used and on trend for wallpapering all walls is the powder room.

By using a non patterned paper it will be timeless. Allowing you to change colours in the room over time using others elements like furniture, curtains or cushions.

There is definitely still a time and space for feature walls. And is still hugely a popular interior design element. An accent wall draws the eye to that area when you enter the room creating a focal point. A feature wall allows you to express your unique taste without going overboard. And when the time comes for changing it, its a lot quicker to remove 1 wall than a whole room.

How to wallpaper all walls in Summary:

  • Busy patterns are best for a feature wall 
  • Whole rooms best with unpatterned or subtle patterned wallpaper
  • Use a feature wall to create a focal point
  • Use texture on all walls for layering luxe appeal
  • Use a feature wall for a fun element
  • Keep cost down with a feature wall
  • Unpatterned wallpaper on all walls is timeless and flexible

Ideas for wallpapering all the room

floral wallpaper in laundry room

Have it Both Ways!

So you’ve decided on a feature wall wallpaper with a beautiful pattern. But have you considered instead of painting the other walls using an un-patterned wallpaper ?

In this instance its usually best to choose a wallpaper in a corresponding colour to your accent wallpaper. Using a neutral or subtle pattern for the rest of the room. 

And Voila! A feature wall and all the walls wallpapered. The best of both worlds.

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