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10 years in business - 30 years wallpaper hanging

Well Happy Birthday to us! I Wallpaper Interiors is 10 years old.  

As we are experienced wallpaper hangers and experts in all things wallpaper we would like to let you know; we are always here to answer any questions you have. We are always open to helping you and sharing our knowledge of 30 years in the decorating industry.

We install wallpaper to all projects from a feature wall in your living room to 4000M2 in a hotel renovation. Projects big and small, all offer up exciting opportunities to hang some fabulous wallpaper. And are always happy to send out a quote.

Being so proud of our acheivements over the last decade, we would love to share some of our favourite wallpaper installations from over that time with you.

ceiling acoustic wallpaper feature
Southside Sports Club

This is the project we completed in 2017 and won the Master Painters Association award for Excellence – Best commercial wallpaper installation.

There are 6 metre high ceilings that slope back on an decline that have wallpapered. As well as many features around the club including a wall that has 4 types of wallpaper we applied to individual panels.

And seen above is one of the 2 ceiling features. These had acoustic wallpaper applied. This photo was taken last week and the wallpaper looks as good as new as befits experienced wallpaper hangers.

commercial wallpaper installation

Feature walls

jungle bedroom wallpaper
kids vintage aeroplane wallpaper in a childs bedroom
These walls coral wallpaper
Casamance Rabat wallpaper in bedroom cream

So many memorable feature walls! Too many to choose from really. The cornerstone of our business, the feature that doesnt change; a focal point in the room that draws the eye. As well as showing off your personality and transforming the room. So have a read here on feature wall ideas and our Ultimate buying guide for your help deciding on what wallpaper to chose.

curved wall blurred horizontal strie
Penthouse Apartment PNG

In November 2018 we were given the amazing opportunity of flying a team to Papua New Guinea to install wallpaper in a brand new luxury penthouse tower in Port Moresby with Lamana Developments.

We hung 1800M2 of wallpaper in to various rooms throughout each apartment including some columns.

In this luxe project there was lots of grand curved walls including some show stopping powder rooms and staircases.

This was a fantastic and memorable experience for I Wallpaper Interiors.

Powder room feather wallpaper

Wallpaper for the ceiling

wallpaper ceiling
Bird wallpaper on ceiling

As experienced wallpaper hangers there is nothing we like more than changing things up. Wallpapering a ceiling does just that. We usually see this feature done in commercial settings but shown here are 2 homes we have installed wallpaper to the 5th wall; the ceiling.

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