fun modern cactus wallpaper in study niche

Wallpaper ideas for single rolls of wallpaper

You may be able to pick up a single roll of wallpaper at a bargain price. If when a wallpaper design is discontinued you may be able to get the last roll that is end of line. Or getting the last in the batch lot meaning it may be different in colour or pattern to the new batch printed. 

Or perhaps you have 1 roll left over from another wall you wallpapered and don’t want it to go to waste. 

Maybe you are a wallpaper newbie. A simple and inexpensive way to introduce a pattern using wallpaper for the 1st time is to dip your toes in with wallpaper.

However you find yourself with 1 roll of wallpaper here are some ingenuitive and on trend wallpaper ideas using only 1 roll of wallpaper


How much wall does 1 roll cover?

Most rolls cover approximately 5M2

Wallpaper ideas small enough to use only 1 roll:

Toilet or bathrooms

1 roll would be enough to cover just the narrow back wall of a small toilet wall. Or a feature wall in a bathroom.

You may have a powder room that has tiles halfway up and 1 roll would cover 2 walls from the tiles up.

Wallpapering a toilet room is very popular and is the perfect place to try out wallpaper or use a pattern that you may not use elsewhere. For more Powder room ideas see here

Green check wallpaper in powder room

Framed wallpaper panels

A great wallpaper idea that is gaining popularity of late; installing wallpaper to a section of wall then adding a timber frame.

Or wallpapering a panel of MDF and framing and hanging that on the wall. Which is a great wallpaper idea for renters as you can take it with you when you go.

Either way the result is wallpaper art and here at I Wallpaper Interiors we are all about celebrating wallpaper as art!

Framed wallpaper

Niches and dividing walls

A niche is when a wall isn’t flush but has a section that is recessed. This is often seen in an entry typically used to hang a mirror. Or a TV wall in the living/ media room or a study niche. 

A niche is an opportunity for a small amount to wallpaper as often they are smaller in size and you can highlight the recess by adding wallpaper to the back face. This often looks even better at night when there is lighting in the niche too.

A dividing wall is most often used to seperate a bedroom from a walk in robe or for segregating a living space to a kitchen or study. And is a great wallpaper opportunity for a small wall.

Catherine Martin wallpaper used for dividing wall
blue wallpaper for study niche

Narrow entry ceiling

If the entry into your home is a small narrow passageway, putting wallpaper on the wall may be a bit overwhelming for the space. Put on the ceiling however is transformative! This is a bold wallpaper ideas but packs an impact punch.

Ceiling in entry wallpapered
entry ceiling wallpaper

Small or angular areas

There are awkward areas in many homes. Rather than hide them lets make them a feature. I am talking about the small walls around cabinetry in the kitchen or laundry. In the walk in pantry is another place to add a backdrop. 

Another overlooked area is behind shelves in an open display unit or office area. This is an interested way to captivate with a fresh wallpaper idea.

Other areas could be a fireplace, above a picture rail in a small room or timber wardrobe doors.

The options are endless have a look around your home where could you use a single roll of wallpaper?

Wallpaper behind shelves - Tropical
Wallpaper as a splashback

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