Powder room feather wallpaper

Is wallpapering a powder room on trend?

The smallest room is no longer the most boring room!

A fabulous trend in wallpapering is to hang wallpaper in the toilet. This is truly the place to unleash your style. A popular style is to use bold or quirky wallpaper designs that wouldn’t work in other rooms like a bedroom or living space because they don’t match your decor style or  furniture.

With wallpapering powder rooms you close the door and so it is distinct from the other rooms. And let’s face it who doesn’t want something interesting to to look at while you are sitting on the loo!

Japanese inspired wallpaper of a Eastern style garden. Blue and white wallpaper hung here in a bathroom
Japanese Garden in Wedgewood

Can i wallpaper a powder room?

Yes most definitely. The only thing to point out is above the sink a splashback is recommended as it is still paper, it is not waterproof. And so splash’s of water over time will still end up staining the wallpaper or causing damage and possible lifting at the joins.

A vinyl wallpaper is the most durable wallpaper as it is wipable and some are scrubbable. These are the wallpaper types that are recommended for wet rooms.

Another thing to think about when  wallpapering powder rooms is to chosse a smaller repeating pattern. Large scale patterns are not suited to small walls or when much of the pattern may be cut away for a vanity, window, door and toilet. And so you may end up losing much of the design.

Green check wallpaper in powder room

What is a powder room anyway?

Nowadays it’s a nicer way to say guest toilet. It is a half bath so will generally have just a toilet and sink in there. But the name comes from the 1920’s when women would ask to use a room to fix their make-up or powder their nose. Or possibly dates back to the early 18th century, when it was used to refer to a closet-sized room where people went to have their wigs repowdered.

fun flamingo wallpaper on grey stripes

Wallpapering powder room ideas

So how do you choose wallpaper for your powder room? Just go for it! Look for something that shows your passions like your love of books, Japan or flamingoes!!.. Whatever it is that floats your boat, run with it and have some fun. Make an impact. 

Popular styles for wallpapering a powder room are tropical and animals. Bold prints, strong colour tones or whimsical themes are a must.

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