Siesta Key spa blue wallpaper - palm meaf design in a coastal style lounge room
Siesta Key

Budgeting for Wallpaper Installation

The cost to install wallpaper on a feature wall that is less than 10M2 is $396 inc. GST 

This is the average for wallpaper hanging in Queensland.

Over 10M2 we charge by the square meter. The cost is between $39.6 and $49.5 per square metre including GST.

The factors we take into consideration which will affect your cost to install wallpaper are;

  • What wallpaper is being used
  • If there is anything tricky that will take longer like lots of cutting around things, like shelving
  • How high your ceilings are might affect the equipment we need to bring

This is why our quoting process includes us asking lots of questions. It avoids us under or over quoting and saves on any surprises for you or us on the day of installation.

We will also ask where you live incase there is a longer than standard travel time that will be needed.

Flamingo's Garden mural set in a natural looking bedroom.
Flamingo's Garden

What do you need to do to get a quote

So first off you will need to measure your wall. The total width and height separately. 

If it is a whole room, measure each wall and give the total width. We expect there will be windows and a door. If either of these take up most of the wall rather than standard size, you need to let us know.

Ignore standard size doors, windows, air con units, plug sockets etc. They actually take longer to cut around than if the walls are bare. Also in regards to wallpaper allowance they are classed as wastage. But more on that later.

Other things you might need to let us know to aid in working out the cost to install wallpaper; if you are wallpapering a staircase, void wall, bathroom, powder room (toilet) or a study that has lots of shelving and a desk to cut around. Also if you have window reveals that you would like the wallpaper wrapped into.

Generally we can quote from the information provided. Occasionally we might ask for photos and in very few cases a site visit.

Green Casamance Filin textured wallpaper that has been wrapped into a window reveal in the room

Can I have a supply and install quote?

If you already have your wallpaper we can simply quote to install only. However if you have chosen a wallpaper and would like the supply included in your quote then that is welcomed too.

Simply let us know what wallpaper you would like and we will work out how much wallpaper we will need to include to cover your specified walls.

On the quote you will be able to see how much the wallpaper costs and how much the install costs separately so you can clearly see what you need to budget for when buying wallpaper.


What cost should i allow for supply on average?

In a wallpaper store in Australia a roll of wallpaper can cost as little as $120 and go upwards of $1000. The price is not an indication of quality. The most expensive are usually hand woven like a grasscloth or by a designer brand. Our average sale is $380 a roll.

Factors to consider when choosing wallpaper and looking at costing:

  • Wallpapers have different widths and lengths so sometimes you can’t compare apples to apples as you may need different amounts of rolls for the same wall
  • Measure properly to ensure you do not over or under order. This ensures you will stay in budget.
  • Allow for wastage, above doors etc.


To work out how many rolls you need to buy, you can use our wallpaper calculator

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