5 Ways To Use Black Wallpaper

black pink and orange floral rose wallpaper

Black wallpaper is the epitome color to represent luxury and elegance. It creates a dramatic backdrop to any room. It instantly draws the eye. So if it is a statement you’d like to make then black wallpaper is for your home. Many people shy away from using black wallpaper as they are worried it will […]

Wallpaper Ordering

leafy wallpaper

Get the home of your dreams Have you seen an instagram post or watched a home reno show and thought i want a home like that? Well a room starts with the walls. And walls dont need to be boring. Wallpaper can be a  step towards achieving your dream home. So you want to make […]

What are the different types of wallpaper?

blue retro wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper Non Woven wallpaper Murals Natural fibres like Grasscloth Pre pasted wallpaper Anaglypta wallpaper Lining paper Which wallpaper type is best? The answer to that really depends on what your individual needs are; Which room the wallpaper is being hung. How much you want to spend. The overall aesthetic you are hoping to achive. […]

What is Scandi Interior Style

soft wallpaper of branches

What is Scandi interior design? A Scandi interior speaks of simplicity and minimalism. The use of pared back functional furnishings and clean lines emphasize a calm, light filled serenity in the space. This is an ever popular interior style because it fulfils our desire to live in an uncluttered, restrained yet inviting and cosy home. […]

How to Choose Wallpaper – The Ultimate Buying Guide

blue geometric wallpaper

Minakari Wallpaper creates atmosphere and transforms a space Choose Wallpaper Want to buy wallpaper online but not sure where to start? There are many considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing which wallpaper to buy.  Use the following tips from industry experts to successfully buy wallpaper online from a wallpaper shop. So maybe […]

Grey Wallpaper

grey monstera leaf wallpaper

Grey Wallpaper for all interior styles Grey is an enduring classic colour scheme that will always work with any interior look as, like its dark counterpart black, will compliment all other colours. Being neutral and with so many well contrasting shades you can bring it to the forefront and layer tones of greys for days. […]

Plaid Wallpaper

Tartan check wallpaper grey

Hot Tip for Trending Wallpaper 2021 Plaid wallpaper although classic and timeless has been fairly dormant in recent years. But no more! Tartan checks are back to give your interiors that air of sophistication. Showing up on catwalks everywhere it always follows through to interior design for the home or work space next. Drawing inspiration […]

Perfect Bedroom Wallpaper

jungle bedroom wallpaper

Looking for bedroom wallpaper? Not sure where to start? We are here to help with ideas, tips and inspiration The best thing about choosing a wallpaper for your bedroom is the choices are endless. You are not restricted by wallpaper types as any type can be used in a bedroom. Plus usually only the habitants […]

Best Places to Buy Wallpaper

buying floral wallpaper online

There are many blog articles written on the best places to buy wallpaper and what wallpaper is best to buy. Broken down they are really just lists on wallpaper stockists that the author decided look good or on trend. In this guide on the best places to buy wallpaper we offer the additional and insightful […]

The Best Guide to Using Wallpaper in a Coastal Style Interior

white patterned wallpaper coastal

A Coastal style interior should bring to mind a carefree day at the beach. The use of our quintessentially Australian connection with the beach allows us to create a chic, relaxed interior design style. Coastal interiors are not to be confused with Nautical or Hamptons style homes which are often stronger, bolder designs using navy […]