2 wallpaper in 1 room - abale patchwork square pattern and Aloes a tropical leafy pattern
Large scale Aloes and small tiled Abale

Can you use two wallpapers in one room? We say yes! Why limit your choices!?

This design feature will need you to be a bit creative and have a good eye for what works.

The main key element to mixing two wallpaper patterns together is to have at least one colour match. This ties the designs together. Ensure the colour palette uses complimentary tones. If one is in bright hues it may not work to have the other in pastels even if the same colours are used. 

There are a few ways to approach this design and much depends on the style of your home. You may have a traditional home with a stripe wallpaper paired with a floral. Alternatively you could be matching a pattern with a corresponding colour unpatterned.

Lets delve into 5 wonderful ways you can mix two wallpapers in one room.

Boatnical palm tree mural and ,atching palm tree wallpaper - using 2 walls papers in one room
Image by Homes To Love

Getting the scale right

Another tip is to vary the scale of the patterns. For example as above a large scale palm tree mural (by Kerrie Brown) matched with Palmy wallpaper by These Walls

So one wall will have a larger scale wallpaper design with the other wall complimenting it with a smaller scale pattern. This ensures the patterns are not fighting for attention. The larger scale will be the accent wall and where the eye will be drawn.

Use This

soft blue wallpaper Japanese style pattern
Heron Stream

With This

spa blue Akari spot patterned wallpaper

Matching Wallpaper

Many wallpaper ranges have a corresponding plainer version of a patterned wallpaper. This is to allow for a feature wall of the pattern whilst the remaining walls may be covered in the matching plainer style. The background is the same but one has the main pattern also.

The benefit of mixing your wallpaper patterns this way is that you can wallpaper the entire space without being overwhelmed by the feature pattern. It allows you to have an accent wall but also adding texture and interest to the room as a whole. This integrates the space holistically keeping a harmonious continuity throughout.

2 wallpaper patterns on a staircase in Grasslands plain and palm leaf designs

Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders are making a comeback with a contemporary twist. Use a border against the main wallpaper design for an innovative way to modernise the old school border wallpaper.

Cole and Son wallpaper border and butterflies and dragonflies wallpaper for kids room

Wallpaper on the ceiling

Wallpapering a ceiling is often not thought of. But done well creates a stunning interior impact. Previously in other blogs we have looked at wallpapering the 5th wall but none in conjunction with wallpaper on the walls. Apply the same rules as above in this case. Either the walls or the ceiling will have the main pattern with the other complimenting it.

Wallpaper on walls and ceiling mixing 2 wallpaper patterns
Image from Pinterest - Gatheredky

All out clash for Maximalists

Having written much about Minimalism and pared back tastes, let’s not forget the lovers of bold patterns and bright colours. The use of two wallpapers in one room is right up your street. And nothing says you have to scale it back. Dare to be different with two big designs. The same rules apply; have tonal similarities and different scales. Otherwise go wild!

Cole and Sons Zulu border using two wallpapers on one wall for maximalist interior design

Use this

pink travelers Palm leaf wallpaper
Travelers Palm

With this

Carlotta wallpper in coral - animal print wallpaper pattern

By now you are probably dying to shop and mix and match your wallpaper patterns. So go have fun. For those who are holding back; try printing out a few designs to see the combinations together off the screen. Or if you are in the South Brisbane area we can come to you will a selection of wallpaper sample books. This is a great way to gain confidence to use this interior design technique. Inquire here to find out more and check if our mobile showroom can come to you.

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