Wallpaper a Feature Wall or a Whole Room – Interior trend

Wallpapering All Walls Move over Wallpaper Feature Wall and make room for the biggest interior trend …. Wallpapering All Walls ! We at I Wallpaper Interiors have noticed the more wallpaper gains in popularity the braver people are becoming. We are seeing more and more wallpaper being applied to all the walls of a room. […]

5 handy tips for hanging wallpaper

  Are you in the dark about wallpapering?  You’re not alone. Here are 5 helpful tips to help you get the best result when you want to install wallpaper   1) New walls require sealing prior to hanging wallpaper. New walls are bare plasterboard with no paint on. One coat of anything that isn’t a […]

7 of the best Brick effect Wallpapers- Wallpaper installers Brisbane

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] It seems to me that everyone loves a brick effect wallpaper. So I have took it upon myself to find you the best Brick Wallpaper! This humble building material matches to most interior design styles. Think industrial, think New York loft apartment or London warehouse, think rustic. Using a hyper -realistic brick effect wallpaper […]

Renovating? Don’t make these crucial interior design mistakes

Did you spend Christmas searching Pinterest and Houzz for the latest interior trends? Is this the year to bring your interior design ideas to life and begin renovations at home? Then we should definitely explore some often made mistakes so your home is perfectly amazing.   Hanging wallpaper mid renovation. You don’t want to spend […]

Off The Wall!!

Imagine a wallcovering integrated with hundreds of LED lights.  What a spectacular interior design! Ingo Maurer was the 1st designer to unveil this glowing wallpaper. He joined forces with the company Architects Paper to develop this geometric LED Wallpaper. It can change its colours from white to blue to red, and you can choose the […]

Geometric Wallpaper

  Get modern with geometric wallpaper. Reinvent this classy luxury look conveying looks from the 20’s to the 70’s. Think Gatsby or in vogue retro designs in a sophisticated style. Geometric appreciates and showcases the chic style of simple lines and shapes. Use abstract and uncomplicated forms in bold colours. Wallcoverings come in playful geometric […]

Two wallpapers in one room, how to

  Why limit your choices? A great design idea for 2014 is to combine wallpapers within the same room. Make your choices based on colour, pattern and texture.     Same colour palate completely different patterns. Keep to similar hues and depths of colour. Use texture with a bold mural. The same pattern design in a […]

Black Wallpaper

Sophisticated, moody, elegant; black wallpaper will definitely create an ambience. Many black wallpapers have a metallic finish or silver highlight to them for that extra touch of glamour. Think glass beaded wallpaper; very current, very opulent. The most popular types of black wallpaper that we install regularly are a classic flock design and brick or concrete […]

Wallpaper trend predictions for 2014

    The one thing design experts seem to agree on is wallpaper as one of the hot trends for the year ahead.           Textile wallpaper is the one trend that does not seem to wane in this market. Prevalent is the use of natural stone, brick and wood effect wallpaper. Many patterns are inspired by […]