It seems to me that everyone loves a brick effect wallpaper. So I have took it upon myself to find you the best Brick Wallpaper!

This humble building material matches to most interior design styles. Think industrial, think New York loft apartment or London warehouse, think rustic. Using a hyper -realistic brick effect wallpaper can give instant character to a space. For a fraction of the cost of building an actual brick wall and without all the hassle, I can see the appeal!

And to top it all it works equally well from in a restaurant to a feature wall in a bedroom.

So do you use a reclaimed brick for the industrial look or a whitewashed brick for a more neutral palette while adding texture and depth to a room, or a classic red brick? Well that comes down to your unique taste.

Here is a low down of some of the better ones available;

A popular choice is definitely Milton and King. It is $160 a roll. They supply white which is an often used colour choice but my personal favourite is the Vintage which is a more grey colour brick with a rough look. We have installed this wallpaper more times than I can count!

Another prevalent choice is called Kemra. Inspired by Gothic architecture this wallpaper has a black brick and white mortar design. Also $160a roll.

Eurowalls stocks my hands down favourite though. From their Factory collection (see main photo) they have a mural which is an industrial design.

Emma from Eurowalls says:  ” Using a mural means you can achieve a more realistic distressed look, rather than your standard, structured brick pattern (which we also do!)”  A 4.1 x 3m mural is $830


For a bolder look try Rebelwalls Black brick R10962  for $76 a M2

Or also from Rebelwalls a different take on the brick look R12011

The myriad of options are endless but some of the suppliers we recommend and love to install are here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]