The one thing design experts seem to agree on is wallpaper as one of the hot trends for the year ahead.          

Textile wallpaper is the one trend that does not seem to wane in this market. Prevalent is the use of natural stone, brick and wood effect wallpaper. Many patterns are inspired by nature, with bamboo stalks, stone surfaces, minerals, woods, leather and feathers depicted both realistically and in abstract form.

Natural fabric weaves appear to be the current style of choice for texture. Fabric wallpaper equates to the luxury and opulence that can be provided with a few rolls of wallpaper that painted finishes, although great in some spaces, don’t provide. Home design for 2014 appears to be centered on comfort and texture which works perfectly with this trend. Also in 2014, the general census for top colours focuses on all shades of blue, yellows and grays.

Florals never really go out of style. Still, every now and again fashionistas remember how lovely flowers are, and they come back into prominence as will be seen this year. Flower wallpaper will be graphic, boldly coloured, large, mixed in with a geometric print, part of a textured pattern, flocked or glittery rather than small, chintzy florals.

A few more unusual prints worth mentioning are from Ugepa who has produced a design of glitter printed skull wallpaper, whilst a graphic look can be seen in Cole and Son’s latest collection from Fornasetti, fine drawings from the archive of artist Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988). Innovative products new to the market are; lining paper that reduces heat loss within the room, helping to save energy, while fabric wall coverings featuring an insulating lining.

The ultimate statement in feature walls are murals which many more companies are providing now and has been incorporated into multiple collections and product ranges worldwide. The stand out design which designers all over the world are predicting as huge for this new year is3D Realism and the use of shadow. This technique involves the use of print cylinders to create a drop shadow, which makes a flat wallpaper design appear to float and creates a three dimensional effect. When done correctly, this can create a stunning interior design.

The common theme in all of these trends? Essentially, they aren’t really suitable for entire rooms. And that is intentional. It is because feature walls are still the big thing in wallpaper.