Plaid Wallpaper

Plaid wallpaper

Hot Tip for Trending Wallpaper 2021 Plaid wallpaper although classic and timeless has been fairly dormant in recent years. But no more! Tartan checks are back to give your interiors that air of sophistication. Showing up on catwalks everywhere it always follows through to interior design for the home or work space next. Drawing inspiration […]

Perfect Bedroom Wallpaper

Looking for bedroom wallpaper? Not sure where to start? We are here to help with ideas, tips and inspiration The best thing about choosing a wallpaper for your bedroom is the choices are endless. You are not restricted by wallpaper types as any type can be used in a bedroom. Plus usually only the habitants […]

Best Places to Buy Wallpaper

buying wallpaper online

There are many blog articles written on the best places to buy wallpaper and what wallpaper is best to buy. Broken down they are really just lists on wallpaper stockists that the author decided look good or on trend. In this guide on the best places to buy wallpaper we offer the additional and insightful […]

The Best Guide to Using Wallpaper in a Coastal Style Interior

A Coastal style interior should bring to mind a carefree day at the beach. The use of our quintessentially Australian connection with the beach allows us to create a chic, relaxed interior design style. Coastal interiors are not to be confused with Nautical or Hamptons style homes which are often stronger, bolder designs using navy […]

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

curved interior design

Curved Interior Design – How to feature the current interior trend for curves in your home using wallpaper. Curved interior design is a huge contemporary element many interior designers and architects are embracing in modern home design at the moment. “Curves instantly create softness. They make us feel cocooned, safe and warm, and are seen […]

Brick Wallpaper

White brick wallpaper

Brick Wallpaper Brick wallpaper is having a huge resurgence. This popular interior design trend is great to create instant atmosphere in a space. Use a white, red, black or grey brick effect wallpaper or even a wall with cement still in patches for a warehouse vibe. Exposed brick wallpaper is a definite urban, industrial style […]

Choose Popular Wallpaper for your House

Modern geometric wallpaper

This is a guide to our most popular on trend wallpaper styles for 2020. So whether you are looking for Japanese inspired wallpaper, marble effect or a jungle print scroll down for the low down on whats stylish for your home or business. Marble Wallpaper Japanese style wallpaper Vintage Wallpaper Floral Wallpaper Brick Wallpaper Butterfly […]

What surfaces can wallpaper be stuck to?

  Sometimes those feeling creative want to know if wallpaper can be stuck to surfaces such as laminate, glass, metal or timber / wood. Maybe it’s a walk in robe getting a makeover or a kitchen. I hope to clear up any questions surrounding how wallpaper sticks and what it can stick to. While it’s […]

Wallpaper for Teenagers

Fashion inspired wallpaper

Looking for ideas to renovate or re-design a  teenagers bedroom? To stay on trend for 2020 we have wallpaper for all teenage desires, whether they are skaters, surfers, nature lovers or gamers. So slay your big kids room and choose an epic wallpaper to ensure you are the GOAT (greatest of all time)

5 Productive things to do whilst in Coronavirus isolation

If you have decided the safest thing to do in these crazy days is to self isolate you may be wondering about now: what am i going to do to fill my days?! Following are 5 things you can do around your house to improve your home, decor and lifestyle without leaving it. – Spring […]