Boyd Blue black grasscloth wallpaper in entry foyer of an apartment in Brisbane

Open the front door to all the wallpapering possibilities. Captivate and entrance. Access your inner panache and enter the world of wallpaper (through the front door!)

Your entryway is more than just a threshold between the outside world and the sanctuary of your home; it’s a canvas waiting to be adorned with your unique style and personality. While the furniture and decor you choose play a crucial role in setting the tone for your space, one often overlooked yet highly impactful design element is wallpaper. Imagine walking into your home and being greeted by a burst of color, texture, or pattern that reflects your taste and creates an unforgettable first impression.

Here are 5 rules to follow when choosing wallpaper for an entry to ensure you arrive and depart with style.

Brighton Homes display home - green entry wallpaper

Wallpaper your entry with colour

Using colour can be a bold statement but leaving out the pattern and having a plain or textured design can be a game-changer.

The trick here is to fully consider the right colour. What mood do you want to set for guests entering your home?

Cool colors like blues and greens evoke calmness, while warm colors like reds and yellows create energy. Take into account the natural light in your entryway. Darker colors can make a space feel cozy or sophisticated, while lighter shades can make it feel more open and inviting.

Use a bold pattern wallpaper in the entry

Create that wow moment when you open your front door by choosing a pattern.

Choose a pattern that sets the tone to your home; palm trees for a beach home, traditional floral for a Queenslander or a strong geometric pattern for a more masculine vibe.

Choose the right scale pattern for the size of the space. If you choose a wallpaper for your entry that has a large pattern but the entry space is small or with lots of cut outs for windows and doors; the pattern will overpower the space. One way you’ll know if the pattern is large is by checking the pattern repeat. If it is around the 64cm mark it is big whereas around 15cm is very small. This information is found under product description for each one in the shop.

Conversely; if you have a huge entryway then a small pattern may get lost or feel too repetitive.

palm trees wallpaper on stairs

Define the zone

Instead of putting wallpaper on all the walls, define a zone with a feature wall. Choose to wallpaper up the staircase to draw the eye up to a feature like a chandelier at the top of the stairs. 

Or the wall behind the entry table with a mirror and decor.

This approach not only adds visual interest but also helps create a sense of purpose for each area.

Grasscloth wallpaper in black in entry hall a dramatic luxe entrance to a home

Choosing the right material

Vinyl wallpaper is the most durable wallpaper material and if you need something you can wipe down and can withstand much foot traffic this may be better than a non woven or a grasscloth.

The benefit of Grasscloth is it adds instant luxury and texture to a space. However it can not get wet or it will leave a mark. If you have young children or pets this may not be the best choice of material. You can however choose a vinyl wallpaper that looks like Grasscloth to create the look with a more durable product.

But if you live say in an apartment and want a luxe sophisticated appeal then a natural fibre product like grasscloth will look stunning in an entry hall.

To understand more about different wallpaper types read this.

Ceiling in entry wallpapered

Go for the unexpected

Think outside the box by choosing unexpected wallpaper placements. Instead of just walls, consider applying wallpaper to the ceiling, the inside of closet doors, or even stair risers.

These unconventional choices can surprise and delight guests while showcasing your creativity.

It also allows you to use wallpaper even when space isn’t available on the walls. If the space is small wallpapering walls may make it feel cluttered. By adding a wallpaper to the roof it will elevate the space and make it appear bigger.
Photo from Apartment Therapy

Remember, your entryway sets the stage for the rest of your home. By using wallpaper strategically, you can make this space a true reflection of your personality and design sensibilities. Whether you’re aiming for a timeless and elegant entrance or a bold and modern statement, wallpaper offers endless possibilities to transform your entry into a welcoming work of art. So, roll out the wallpaper and let your entryway be the canvas for your design masterpiece.

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