5 of the best wallpapers for the entrance of your home

Arrive and depart with style. Open the front door to all the wallpapering possibilities. Captivate and entrance. Access your inner panache and enter the world of wallpaper (through the front door!) Make the entry to your home something to admire as you pass through. Here are 5 of the best entries we have installed.   […]

7 of the best Brick effect Wallpapers- Wallpaper installers Brisbane

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] It seems to me that everyone loves a brick effect wallpaper. So I have took it upon myself to find you the best Brick Wallpaper! This humble building material matches to most interior design styles. Think industrial, think New York loft apartment or London warehouse, think rustic. Using a hyper -realistic brick effect wallpaper […]

Nature Wallpaper Design -Wallpaper Brisbane

From flower wallpaper prints to palm tree wallpaper, flora and fauna wallpapers are far from twee and boring!  Botanically inspired wallpapers need not conjure up visions of old fashioned houses. Here are some traditional and modern ideas that are inspiring if you feel the need to bring the outdoors inside. Custom made by Hume International this […]

5 handy tips for hanging wallpaper

These walls coral wallpaper

Are you in the dark about wallpapering?  You’re not alone. Here are 5 helpful tips to give the best result when installing wallpaper   1) New walls require sealing prior to hanging wallpaper. One coat of anything that isn’t a gloss or oil based paint is suitable 2) Never paint over old wallpaper as it […]

Royal George Hotel- Fortitude Valley

October 2016 this bar in Fortitude Valley had a massive renovation. We installed wallpaper throughout both bars. One had the lovely Catherine Martin black and gold bird design. This was installed to the walls and booths. The other bar had the hugely popular Milton & King grey brick effect wallpaper. Of note was the awesome […]

5 Reasons to do a feature wall with wallpaper

1.Let your personality shine with a feature wall- are you sophisticated, fun or all about the bling? 2.You can manipulate spaces with visual tricks such as a metallic print to reflect light where there is little or horizontal stripes to create an impression of length 3.Wallpaper can disguise an old wall’s imperfections   4.Wallpaper can […]

How to use Feng Shui to choose where to hang wallpaper

Would you like to use Feng Shui to decide where to install wallpaper & what colour wallpaper to choose?  Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method for creating a balance of Qi energies in your surroundings. Good feng shui in your home or office produces a positive energy flow, which translates into good health and […]

Wallpaper Whisperer

Its official, well according to Aussie Painters Network, Lee is the Wallpaper Whisperer! Fellow painter and author Jim Baker has written a great article on wallpapering in Australia featuring I Wallpaper Interiors in the trade magazine Aussie Painting Contractor Please follow this link to read it:

Best of 2015

Here are a few of my highlights from 2015 showcasing some of the outstanding, fun, diverse wallpaper we install. Lee astounded me with how talented he is to hang this wallpaper around numerous beams. It was at Pacific Fair Gold Coast for Schnitz. They have this custom made wallpaper installed to all their outlets. Lee managed to […]

Black Wallpaper

Sophisticated, moody, elegant; black wallpaper will definitely create an ambience. Many black wallpapers have a metallic finish or silver highlight to them for that extra touch of glamour. Think glass beaded wallpaper; very current, very opulent. The most popular types of black wallpaper that we install regularly are a classic flock design and brick or concrete […]