Here are a few of my highlights from 2015 showcasing some of the outstanding, fun, diverse wallpaper we install.

Wallpaper around beams

Lee astounded me with how talented he is to hang this wallpaper around numerous beams. It was at Pacific Fair Gold Coast for Schnitz. They have this custom made wallpaper installed to all their outlets. Lee managed to install this wallpaper seamlessly whilst contorting around the beams!


Curtain effect wallpaper Nambour RSL

When Lee first showed me this photo i asked where the wallpaper was! A 3D design wallpaper made to look like curtains, very clever. Wallpaper is Marburg by Gloockler and we installed it at Nambour RSL


Before photo

Black and gold wallpaper

A before and after shot of the toilets at Glangariff Historic Estate. Lee and our team transformed this area. From gloomy to plush. We installed the wallpaper which was supplied by Murrays Interiors and we painted the ceiling and surrounds and applied Colorfleck to the floors in the cubicles.