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Hospitality wallpaper refers to wallpaper used in venues such as restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars.

These types of establishments use wallpaper a lot. Why? Firstly because a commercial vinyl wallpaper will often be used. These wallpaper types are durable, washable and even sometimes scrubbable !

But mainly we believe its used because of the ambience wallpaper creates. 

Wallpaper can give another layer of texture or a sense of fun and interest to be added to an otherwise blank space. So whether you are after a new level of sophistication, adding wallpaper instead of art or creating a dramatic scene, wallpaper can do this.

Hospitality wallpaper is a cornerstone of our business.  Installing feature walls in cafes to entire nightclubs and pubs.

We have even installed acoustic wallpaper to ceiling features in the past which allows the echo of voices to be diminished.

Also commonly done is a wallpaper mural is custom made to the companies design or logo serving the double purpose of brand awareness and visually pleasing.

custom mural
Restaurant custom wallpaper

We have won an award from the Master Painters Association for the wallpaper we installed throughout Southside Sports club Brisbane in 2017.

We have installed wallpaper throughout clubs, pubs and taverns in Brisbane, Gold Coast and would love to help on your next project.

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The main factor to consider when choosing a suitable wallpaper for your business premises is if the location is a high traffic area consider choosing a vinyl or commercial vinyl wallpaper. These wallpaper types are more durable and are either washable or even scrubbable.

We have a wide range of vinyl wallpaper on our online shop 

If you have a definite idea in mind and don’t see it here please let us know as we have many suppliers we can source the appropriate product or design for you.

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