How to hang wallpaper

You will find many practical instructions around but here our our top 5 tips to ensure you get the best result when hanging your wallpaper.

1. Preparation

Wallpaper hanging should be one of the final jobs. So ensure any other renovations projects in the room are completed 1st such as electrical, painting and carpentry. This ensures no damage will be done to the wallpaper once its been installed.

If the wall to be wallpapered is a new wall you will need to apply a sealer coat a minimum of 12 hours prior to hanging wallpaper. The sealer coat can be any paint or undercoat as long as its water based.

Next give the wall a sand to ensure no bumps or imperfections are present. And to remove and dirt or residue.

2. Read Wallpaper Instructions

This is crucial.  Different types of wallpaper are hung differently. And the manufacturers instructions are there to ensure you get the best result.

These instructions tell you how to hang wallpaper and explain things like whether that wallpaper is hung using a paste the wall or paste the paper method. And whether the pattern is a straight match, offset or reverse hang.

3. Have Equipment Ready

To hang wallpaper you will need: a sharp knife, scissors, pencil, tape measure, straight edge smoother, cloth, pasting brush or roller, level, bucket of clean water and sponge,  a ladder and pasting table.

Ensure everything you need from this list is to hand before you begin.

4. Use a Good Paste

For installing most wallpaper types you will need a wallpaper paste. Being the adhesive that literally holds it all together you want to get the best one you can. Without a good glue you may not get enough tack to the wall which will make it prone to bubbles. It also may not stand the test of time.

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5. Check in different lights

When hanging your wallpaper its a good idea to check from different angles to ensure no bubbles are present and the joins are perfectly aligned or matched. As different lights filtering through show up different aspects so artificial light may show a bubble that wasn’t seen in daylight.