Kids wallpaper is all about having fun and creating an engaging space for your children. From nursery to teens we have some stylish wallpaper collections to choose from.

Whatever your interior style and age of child we can find a wallpaper with a suitable kids theme to suit yours.

Kids wallpaper really starts and ends with the childs interests. Whether its a teenager looking for a mural of a skatepark or a young kids with a love of bunnies. There are some fantastic fun and stylish kids wallpaper patterns.

Murals are a popular way to introduce wallpaper into a playroom or bedroom. Kids murals of world maps or a surfing scene for example.  This would be a great statement accent wall. 

For the whole room a more repeating small pattern of florals, birds or boats might be well suited.

Whatever overall look you are headed for, a kids wallpaper is sure to bring a fun element  to your interior design aesthetic.

We hope to inspire you with everything from wild jungle animal wallpaper to kites flying and whales swimming.

One thing all our wallpaper has in common… its all great quality. Rest assured you are buying a product that will look great up. All you have to do is choose your design and colourway.

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An kids style interior wallpaper adds to the feeling of being secure associated with a childs own bedroom. Its their space to showcase their own loves and hobbies.

So go mad with full walls of unicorns prancing or scale back with a striking feature wall in a contemporary ocean scene. But whatever you decide make it fun and lively!

For a nursery you generally want to keep it calmer with more pastel colours. Nothing too overly busy, you want that bub to sleep. But when they are awake a gentle woodland scene would be engaging. Keeping a more neutral them so its something they can with might involve spots or stripes.

So whether you are looking for the ever popular world map mural, giraffes hiding in trees or a soccer stadium mural, we have the right wallpaper for you.