Wallpaper is Back!

Just like flares, oversize sunglasses, boho chic and bold patterns; what you thought was left behind in time always comes back on trend again. 

Wallpaper is back – says Vogue.  

Most homes throughout the 1990’s went very minimalist. Paint was in, 1 colour with maybe a different coloured feature wall. With most people remembering wallpaper from their nanna’s house; fussy florals (yes they are back too!) this didn’t fit with the interior trend of the time. 

But I am not going to call it a comeback, it’s more of a rejuvenation. Wallpaper now is nothing like the stuff your gran had. The technology has changed with the introduction of non woven, making it easy to install and easy to remove. The design choices have expanded. The material options have increased using handmade grasscloths and sisal as well as durable vinyls. 

All this making wallpaper a supremely easy way to personalize your space. 

But did it ever leave?

Maybe for most home’s but hotel’s and restaurants the world over have always used wallcoverings as they add instant luxury.

Carol Miller York’s product marketing manager says in an interview “Once consumers understand that wallcoverings are used in commercial applications because they are more durable than paint, they become wallpaper converts.

Then you have the English mid-19th century designer William Morris. Since first being introduced in the 1860s, his classic British Heritage patterns have never gone out of production. 

Is Wallpaper here to stay?

Even if wallpaper is back, for many making the choice to hang it can seem daunting. And one big question is; what if I install some and then it goes out of style? And it’s a good question. No one wants to spend time choosing a design, having it professionally installed then just take it down next year.

My advice is treat it like artwork. Choosing art work is a very personal experience and what you ultimately hang may not be to everyone else’s taste but if you love it and enjoy seeing it up that is what counts.

Wallcoverings coming back has been a slow progression. Over the years i have often had comments along the lines of “wallpaper is back then?!” But that has been happening less and less. It is more commonly seen and becoming more widely available. Because of this and the way interior trends ebb and flow i predict wallpaper is not going anywhere any time soon.

 Wallpaper is back and here to stay, it is now going to be about fitting the patterns or placement to work in to whatever is the current interior style.

Grainne lead designer at Design & Co says: 

We love the texture wallpaper can add to the space, it helps us create the layers we love to use when styling and decorating.
It’s a great way to bring drama and colour to a room. Wallpaper can add a focal point to a room which may not otherwise have one.


How to choose wallpaper

  • Choose wallpaper like it is artwork – only you have to love it
  • Use on trend colours or colours that fit your home
  • Fit patterns to the style of your home
  • Choose a style that is timeless rather than too trending
  • Look at placement – feature walls are out, all the walls are in

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