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Achieve the home of your dreams

Have you seen an instagram post or watched a home reno show and thought; I want a home like that? Well a room starts with the walls. And walls dont need to be boring. Wallpaper can be a  step towards achieving your dream home.

So you want to make a wallpaper order but hesitating because the choices are overwhelming or you are concerned about buying online?

The best thing about I Wallpaper Interiors is we are here to help. We are not an automated service. Every order and every email is seen to personally. So if you have a question about wallpaper ordering just give us a call or shoot us a message. Try it!

How to work out how much wallpaper to order?

Firstly measure your wall. Lets use an example here of 4.2 wide by 2.5 high

Check the product description for the roll size: For example 53cm x 10m 

On our 2.5 height wall you will get 4 drops of wallpaper from this roll – 10 divided by 2.5 = 4

Now divide the width of the wall ( 4.2 )  by the roll width of 53cm = 7.92 

This means you need 8 drops.

If there is a pattern repeat this needs to be calculated too.

So if the pattern repeat is 53cm you need to add that on to the wall height – 2.5 + 0.53 = 3 m. This tells us that you will now only get 3 drops from the roll.

So 8 drops divided by 3 lengths = 2.66 So rounded up to you needing to order 3 rolls

Double check with our wallpaper calculator

Wallpaper Calculator

Wallpaper Calculator

You will need 0 rolls of wallpaper.

What is a pattern repeat?

A pattern repeat is where during the installation each drop will have to be aligned to match the pattern on the previous drop.

Wallpaper ordering process

Once you have placed your online order or we have sent you a quote and then invoice. Your order will be placed with the supplier of the brand of wallpaper you have chosen. We have very limited stock as there are simply too many wallpapers to hold stock of them all.

Also in the product description is the lead time. This is the estimated time it will take to arrive once the order is processed. Whenever lockdowns occur please be aware that delays may happen. We will always keep you update with any developing situations.

If we are installing your wallpaper as well; at this stage we will book you in for installation date so you wont wait any longer than you have to, to have beautiful walls to enjoy for years to come.

Wallpaper Ordering Checklist

  • Measure your walls correctly
  • Find the roll size 
  • Find out if there is a pattern repeat
  • Work out how many rolls to order
  • Double check everything above

Checklist for after ordering

  • When wallpaper arrives check it from the same batch number
  • Prep the wall/s by taking down artwork etc.
  • Clear a workable space in the area
  • Read the manufacturers instructions
  • Or book your installer

We are here to help

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