Looking for something different or to stay ahead of the crowd? Here are some ideas to brighten your home.

Renowned trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort studies the links between art, fashion, design and consumer culture, and provides design and lifestyle analysis for some of the world’s leading brands. Her predictions for 2013-14 include:

Yellow! Lidewij predicts this hue will dominate colour palettes, fabrics and fittings.

Historic and vintage patterns, along with ethnic patterns are predicted to be big, and so will mixing/matching/clashing patterns, as already seen in fashion.

Textures and natural materials, along with handicrafts and handmade items, will also increase in appeal, which makes for a good excuse to visit abroad and bring the booty back home!

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Fashion and design tend to go hand in hand and look to each other for inspiration.

Recently spotted on the catwalk are some great ideas for wallpapering your walls, with patterns featuring paisleys, floral and geometric shapes, and/or rich brocades and embellishments reminiscent of the Baroque.

[image position=”center” title=”Wallpapering Brisbane Red Hill” alt=”Wallpapering Brisbane Red Hill” left_padding=”0″ right_padding=”0″ shadow=”7″ url=”https://www.iwallpaperinteriors.com.au/blogimages/blog_trendsStellaMcCartney.jpg” width=”425″ height=”638″/]

Vicki Payne, US home improvement telecaster says wallpaper continues its comeback. She suggests a busy large scale design for the bedroom accompanied by simple bedding and upholstery fabrics, or flip it around in the bathroom

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