Looking for some interesting bathroom wallpaper ideas? Or perhaps you are wondering if you can use wallpaper in a wet area at all?

Our rule of thumb is stick with vinyl and don’t hang it directly in a wet area. If the room gets steamy often, just know your wallpaper won’t last as well as it will in a living space. Read a blog with all you need to know about how and where to hang wallpaper in a bathroom or powder room.

Or you can simply dive into our gallery to be inspired by the perfect wallcovering to find your bathroom wallpaper ideas and turn it into the ultimate spa- like retreat or a fun powder room.

Marbled blue wallpaper in a modern bathroom
WF41002 Marble Blue
Feature wall of wallpaper featuring large palm leaves in a bathroom
Leafy Greens - Neutral
Minimalist bathroom featuring wallpaper in chinoiserie style with parrots
Parakeet Chinoiserie
Wallpaper of leaves on a soft blue natural weave effect
Birds of paradise bright fun wallpaper on a black background shown here in a large bathroom
Birds of Paradise
Wallpaper that looks like bathroom tiles. White and grey with black lines
Tiles - Silver
mint green wallpaper featuring large heron birds flying. Set in a shower bathroom
Herons Landing - Mint Green
Charter coral wallpaper featuring a small pattern in a bathroom
Charter - Coral
White and grey marble effect wallpaper in a glamorous entry
Marble - White
coconut off white tropical wallpaper palm leaves
Laundry room wallpaper fun colourful Japanese style
Herons Stream - Multi
Wallpaper in a bathroom. Watercolour style wallpaper design of Grecian columns and tigers and lemurs
On The Prowl

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Transform your space with our stunning bathroom wallpaper collection!

Whether you’re looking for powder room inspiration or want to add a splash of color to your master bath, our range of colourful wallpaper designs has something for everyone.

From fun wallpaper patterns that bring a playful vibe to pretty wallpaper designs that add a touch of elegance, our curated selection of designer wallpaper will elevate your bathroom design to new heights. Discover the perfect wallpaper to make your bathroom a true sanctuary reflecting your style and personality.

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Tropical watercolour effect wallpaper design on a vinyl wallpaper for a bathroom
Relax In The Tropics

Wallpaper in a bathroom? Yes, yes ,yes!!! But with a disclaimer…

This is so on trend for interior design at the moment. Wallpapering in a bathroom is somewhere we install regularly. There are some things you need to know around this and we will explore the do’s and don’ts to ensure you make the best decision when adding wallpaper to a bathroom.

Whether you chose a bathroom, toilet or powder room, it is often the place home owners chose a bold pattern or colour. Using a fun wallpaper is often chosen for this space rather than an unpatterned style. This is because it is not on show as soon as you walk into the home. Therefore maybe leaving you feeling brave enough to use a more vibrant or quirky pattern.

florence broadhurst blue wallpaper in an elegant bathroom

What type of wallpaper is best in bathrooms?

The best choice for wallpaper in a bathroom is a vinyl wall covering. 

The advantages of using a vinyl wallpaper; they are

  • Washable
  • Light-resistant
  • Splash-proof (but not waterproof.)
  • Hardwearing

Vinyl wallcoverings are generally extremely durable, which makes them the ideal candidate for frequently used rooms and most suited to use in your kitchen and bathroom.

The front face is made of  vinyl and so this makes it wipeable if it gets splashed. However what you have to remember is they are paper backed. So there is always a chance that mould can grow behind it if the room has a high humidity or does not have good ventilation. 

Sink and mirror in bathroom featuring large scale hydrangea wallpaper pattern on wall
Happy Hydrangeas

Vinyl wallpaper ideas for a bathroom

Does wallpaper in a bathroom peel off?

Even when using a high quality wallpaper adhesive, if the wall behind the wallpaper is constantly damp this will cause wallpaper to peel off.

To avoid this happening it is  advisable to have good ventilation. 

What you have to think of is how wallpaper is removed traditionally (not the modern strippable sort!) – with a steamer. So if you have a steamy room whats going to happen? Yes you got it, it is going to peel off.

A general rule of thumb for putting wallpaper in your bathroom is yes it can be done but it will not last as long as wallpaper in a cooler room like a bedroom.

Green check wallpaper in powder room

Wallpaper for bathroom ideas

A good idea when you are thinking of putting wallpaper directly in a wet area is to add a buffer between the wet zone and the wallpaper. For example behind your sink; use tiles or stone for a splashback and wallpaper around that. This protects your wallpaper and will add to it’s longevity.

You can seal the wallpaper with a coat of clear sealer paint. However when the time comes to change and remove it you have made an easy job very very hard.

Faux tiles for a bathroom

Another great inspirational idea is to use a wallpaper that mimics a natural material like tile, stone, timber or concrete. This gives you a more cost effective and easily interchangable option.

Wallpaper that looks like bathroom tiles. White and grey with black lines

Whatever you decide we are here to help. You can browse our wallpaper shop for vinyl wallpaper and get a quote to install it if you are in the greater Brisbane area or Gold Coast.

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