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Why wallpaper a ceiling?

Ceiling wallpaper is a great addition to a room. Do you want to add a feature wall but there is not an obvious wall choice or enough wall space? Not many people think about the ceiling instead. Also known as the 5th wall!  Rather than overlook this usually plain white space you can use it for your feature wallpaper.

It has the potential to be a bold choice but in many cases it is just adding another interesting layer to a room. It all depends on the pattern you choose and the vibe that is created by the style you go with. 

from Homes And Gardens when talking about feature walls says “add decorative interest to your ceiling instead – it carries far more visual weight than a single wall ever could. I am all for being brave and bold when it comes to your interiors. “

And we at I Wallpaper Interiors completely agree. Be adventurous. Make your interiors be something you love, not what everyone else is doing. 

Which ceiling to wallpaper

entry ceiling wallpaper

Entry hallway

A popular choice for ceiling wallpaper is an entry hallway. Approaching this in a practical way your wallpaper is not going to scuffed by regular foot traffic. And if it is a grand entrance you are hoping to make; choose a jaw dropping, wow factor pattern. 

Work on the premise that dark colour wallpapers will make the room feel cosier and more closed in. And a lighter colour will lift and open. Metallics will reflect light if more light is needed.

Wallpaper from The Block

Kids rooms

Childrens bedrooms are also a notable room used for ceiling wallpaper. With pretty unobtrusive designs such as stars, flowers and birds on a light coloured wallpaper. This is a very popular choice for a nursery and a lovely addition for bub or a toddlers room. 

Is your ceiling suitable for wallpaper?

fancy ceiling
textured ceiling

Check your ceiling is right for wallpaper before you buy. You need to ensure it doesn’t have texture with plaster or paint for example a stippled “popcorn” effect. These types of textures would have to be sanded off prior to applying wallpaper. This is because they will make the wallpaper not sit smoothly and likely cause bubbles to appear because of air pockets.

Are you thinking to cover up cracks on the ceiling? This may work depending on the size of the crack. However why is the crack there in the first place? If not treated the crack may worsen and the wallpaper will end up splitting too. Aim to get any building issues resolved before applying wallpaper.

Some great ideas for ceiling wallpaper

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