Why is using a licensed tradie important? For a tradie to have a license with the QBCC ensures you are using a qualified tradie. If your work is worth over $3300 you should be getting QBCC home warranty insurance scheme. This goes some way to give you peace of mind that a job will be finished and of a good standard.

You should also be checking that your tradie has public liability insurance.

Below is a case study. It is from some years ago whereby the home business owner did not check her builders licenses and insurances before commencing.

Kooky Kid clinic duck wallpaper

The Kooky Kid Clinic, where they consider being kooky a compliment, have a unique approach to private mental health care. They have recruited experienced clinicians who not only provide the highest quality evidence-based medical and therapy services, but also have a playful twinkle in their eye that kids can’t resist.

Owners Shannon and Ross are opening their new clinic in Springwood and had approached I Wallpaper Interiors to install a series of fun wallpapers around their clinic as well as painting the whole place (Back when we completed painting too!)

When Lee quoted for the painting and wallpaper installation of the new clinic he was so taken with the intentions of Kooky Kid clinic he decided to install the wallpaper for free while his team was there painting. Lee says “it just felt like the right thing to do.”

This genuine tradie was a blessing for the Kooky Kid clinic as the rest of their tradies were not so great. Their builder was not what he promised. Work that had been done had to be drilled up, taken down and started again. Work was not complying with building regulations and to top it off, the dodgy firm was employing bullying tactics to get money out of them.

Work halts but not for long, a new builder and a lot of stress later, the place looks amazing.


 Shannon says “The Kooky Clinic is very grateful for the fantastic work that Lee and the fellas have done. Not only has their workmanship been great, but they have always been eager to help, fun to work with, and accommodated all the kooky requests. “


All builders and painters performing work costing over $3300 must legally be licensed by the governing body QBCC. 

As stated on the Master Builders website: The QBCC is a government statutory authority established to regulate the building industry, and to provide information and advice to consumers and contractors throughout Queensland. This (license) will ensure the builder is qualified and will protect you under the QBCC’s insurance scheme, which insures your home against major defects for six years and six months.

I Wallpaper Interiors are licensed with QBCC #1275900


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