Wallpaper a Feature Wall or a Whole Room – Interior trend

Wallpapering All Walls Move over Wallpaper Feature Wall and make room for the biggest interior trend …. Wallpapering All Walls ! We at I Wallpaper Interiors have noticed the more wallpaper gains in popularity the braver people are becoming. We are seeing more and more wallpaper being applied to all the walls of a room. […]

Wallpaper that pretends not to be- Faux effect wallpaper

Decorating with natural raw materials is always a winner. Timber, stone, brick, concrete all bring texture, character, interest and ambience to a room. However do you crave the warmth that timber would bring to your home but it is out of your budget? Or do you long for the structure and texture a stone tile […]

Grasscloth & Grassweave Wallpaper

What is Grasscloth wallpaper? A grasscloth wallpaper is a natural fibre which is hand woven and has a wallpaper backing.  The finished look is more rustic than a traditionally hung wallpaper. There will be tags, frays and differences in colour. The joins will show.  Each panel may be different or offset. These “imperfections” are what […]

Top 5 trends for Spring/Summer 2016-Wallpaper Brisbane

With the chill of winter starting to feel like a distant memory lets look at the top 5  2016 trends that you can use to decorate your home. Gone are the days of the feature wall!  The biggest trend we have noticed here at I Wallpaper Interiors is more people gaining the confidence to wallpaper […]

How much does wallpaper installation cost?

The cost of hanging your wallpaper depends on a few factors; Is it for your home or a commercial premises? What type of wallpaper is it? E.g. a fabric or glass beaded wallpaper would be trickier and so take longer to install. Where is it to be hung? If there is a lot to cut […]

Wallpapering Brisbane

2014 has given us the distinct pleasure of installing wallpaper to some lovely homes around Brisbane. You have had some amazing wallpaper ideas; retro wallpaper as a splash back behind glass, murals hung above staircases, natural weave wallpaper framing a wall hung tv, wrapping around columns, you name it, we have and will install it! […]

Wallpaper trend predictions for 2014

    The one thing design experts seem to agree on is wallpaper as one of the hot trends for the year ahead.           Textile wallpaper is the one trend that does not seem to wane in this market. Prevalent is the use of natural stone, brick and wood effect wallpaper. Many patterns are inspired by […]