Kids world map mural

Keep Calm & Carry On Wallpapering


It is hard not to get bogged down by the hysteria that the Coronavirus world emergency is creating. The world has changed as we know it, its serious and every precaution needs to be taken to control the spread of infection but we still need to find ways for life to tick over. To keep moving, stay healthy, keep enjoying life, keep our economy going. Small businesses need to think outside the box to keep afloat. So here’s our Coronavirus business plan, what can you do in your life to help?


-Increasing our marketing spend

-Not forgetting our pledge to donate $5 from each invoice received in March – people affected in the fires are not forgotten they are still rebuilding their lives

-Our installers follow hygiene regulations and social distancing

-Spending online with other small businesses wherever we can


Stay safe i am just going to wash my hands….